* 5 cubic yard minimum delivery on all products

Southern Nurseries has the finest selection in quality mulches. Our mulches are all natural and chemical free in rich colors and shredding sizes. You can purchase our mulch in various quantities as well as have us deliver. Our products allow oxygen to penetrate easily while retaining moisture for your plants to grow and thrive. Call us today for your mulch needs.

Our mulch is sold by the cubic yard (an accurate measurement) not per "scoop" or "bucket" (deceptive), so while searching for the best price for mulch keep in mind that a scoop or bucket can be as little as a half of a cubic yard.

$19.00 per mega scoop

Triple Shredded Hardwood

(Triple M - Maximum Moisture, Maximum Microbes, Maintainability)
Triple M Mulch is comprised of bark, ground wood, and leaves. The ground mixture is aerated and watered with "compost tea" for at least a year period to achieve a fully stabilized fertile ground cover that retains its dark pigment and texture. Full composted hardwood mulch contains Beneficial Nutrients that fertilize the upper soils and feed plant root systems. Triple M Mulch provides the necessities to make your landscaping a success; weed control, moisture retainage, soil fertility, color and vitality. Overtime as these benefits are replenished in the soil the plant health improves which reduces maintenance cost as well as beautifies the landscape! The preferred mulch of the professional landscape contractor!

$26.00 per cubic yard

Hardwood Mulch

A premium hardwood bark mulch finely shredded, aged to a natural dark color. All-natural chemical free product with no dyes. Our most popular mulch.

$33.50 per cubic yard

Black Mulch

A premium hardwood bark mulch finely shredded, naturally enhanced with charcoal to a rich black color. All-natural chemical free product with no dyes. The preferred black mulch of landscape professionals.

$37.50 per cubic yard

Pine Bark Mulch

A premium shredded pine bark, reddish brown in color. Pine Mulch does not compact, allowing water and oxygen to penetrate more easily. The preferred mulch of avid gardeners.

$37.00 per cubic yard

Pine Fines (Soil Conditioner)

Pine bark finely shredded to a consistent fingernail-size material. Reddish brown in color. Excellent for mulching and ammending seasonal color beds.

$33.50 per cubic yard

Playground Mulch

Our Playground Mulch is a play surface manufactured from natures finest wood fibers. Designed to reduce injuries on playgrounds, it provides a stable resilient surface for trails. Made of 100% natural wood products (no shredded waste-wood or waste pallets). Contains no chemical or artificial ingredients. Tested and certified to ensure quality and compliance with ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA standards.

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